LED Linear Track Light

It is perfect using with traditional track rail, also can use for meat, fruit lighting.

The Track Linear Light is specially researched for supermarkets to replace the traditional Tubes, integrated with Track spot lights through the same tracks, illuminate the walkway between the shelves for general lighting, and the track spot lights illuminate the goods on the shelves.

Track Line – LED Linear Track Light is  compatible with the traditional track rail very well. Compare with other light which use for track rail, Recolux‘s LED Track line is more flexible, there are DS25°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° lighting angle to be optional, the lighting angle can be designed as customer’s requirement, such as  DS25° in the middle, 60° on both side. 

It also can use for meat, fruit lighting.


1. Universal Track adapter

2. Compatible with multiple

3. 3-circuit tracks

4. Optional beam angle

5. Power switchable

6. Own Tooling

7. Innovative optics

8. Up to 160LM/W

9. Black or white housing

10. Flicker-free

11. Tridonic driver

12.  Certification:  D-mark,CE ,ROHS in the beginning .(ENEC approach)



Shop, Office, Gallery, Corridor, Exhibition Hall…



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