retrofit solution for line lighting

Retrofit solution for line lighting Customized 1 To 1 LED Linear Trunking Light Module

1 to 1 retrofit solutions are customized/bespoke made for each existing trunking brands and modules,perfectly meeting every single demand from different retrofit projects

Retrofit solution for line lighting Customized 1 To 1 LED Linear Trunking Light Module are customized made for existing trunking brands and modules, Perfectly meet every single demand from different retrofit projects. 

Compared with ClickFast Universal Retrofit solution, the 1 to 1 retrofit solution can maintain the exisiting trunking system, and utilize the electricity cable system in the current trunking, to plug the male connector(our retrofit module) into the female connector(existing trunking with compatible connector to get power), then finished!

LED trunking Retrofit systems are the best choice for updating and compatible with the existing T8 & T5 trunking systems from Trilux, Siteco, Ridi, Regiolux, Philips, Ludwig, Zumtobel etc. Our design makes the installation become simple and efficient. Installation is carried out without tools. The customers’ existing trunking can be maintained and re-used, save the time for re-installing the trunking and electricity connections.

Recolux specialized in LED linear lighting system and focus on LED linear lights only, we launched our first generation of LED linear trunking system in 2015, with many years of manufacturing and application experiences and expertise, we improved our product gradually and upgraded new toolings for all parts and components, so now you can see the latest generation of Recolux LED linear trunking lights.

1:  Warranty: 5 years 

2. 160LM/W

3. Compatible with 95% existing T5/T8 Trunking

4. Different beam angles

5. Tool free and fast installation 

6.  Certification:  D-mark,CE ,ROHS .(ENEC approach)



Car Washing,Cold Storage, Car Parking, Tunnel, Metro Station, Warehouse, Tunnel, Metro Station, Train Station, Food industry…


Retrofit solution for line lighting

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