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Why LED Tri-proof Light is a nice choose for industrial and commercial using?

Lighting is often an overlooked aspect of many businesses but taking the time to invest in professional industrial and commercial lighting services and finding the right product for your space is vital. The type of lighting you choose affects the work productivity, number of sales you make, security of your business, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, selecting the appropriate lighting for your industrial or commercial facility is important. Moreover, not just choosing the lighting, but the layout can also affect your workplace.   The quality lighting system can help make your store extremely welcoming and highlight the products enhancing customer experience. And lucky, LED tubular tri-proof light and LED tri-proof light can help you here.  What is an LED Tri-proof Light? LED tri-proof lights are durable and eco-friendly lighting systems alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes. These lights are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions and help reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. The tubular tri-proof light has a smooth surface and seamless structure and is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. These three properties provide the name tri-proof. In addition to this, LED tri-proof light offers impressive anti-corrosion capabilities, thus making them last longer. However, when investing in LED tri-proof light for your

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Reasons to Purchase LED Linear Trunking System

Reasons to Purchase LED Linear Trunking System LED linear trunking system is also known as the continuous-row lighting system. It is pre-wired trunking and LED track panel that offers ultimate flexibility in terms of lighting layout and scheme design. It is a perfect replacement for traditional linear and fluorescent tubes providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task for businesses, from LED track lines to emergency lighting. It is also an optimal solution for new installations as it has low installation cost as well as saves time when updating lighting systems. In addition to this, you enjoy full freedom to position the lights as per your objectives or layout. LED linear trunking system offers numerous benefits and purchasing them for your commercial space interior lighting is cost-effective.  The Lighting Complexity In Commercial Spaces Commercial spaces are often big and have complex infrastructure that lay more emphasis on system integration and planning. Lighting plan for these spaces is not aimed at just meeting quantity, quality, and operational criteria. It affects the ambiance, psychological well-being, interest, and enthusiasm of the employees and the customers. Also, the commercial interior spaces are more in harmony to the control capabilities of the lighting devices and overall life-cycle

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LED Light Power Suggetion For Different Room

Living Room Acreage 20-30㎡ 30-40㎡ 40-50㎡ 50-70㎡ 70-80㎡ LED 60-80W 100-150W 220-280W 300-350W 400-450W Note: Living Room area is generally the main proportion of the total area of the house, so the demand for lighting wattage is relatively high, under the premise of ensuring lighting, so that the living room appears transparent and bright and generous is particularly important. The bedroom Acreage 5-10㎡ 10-15㎡ 15-20㎡ >20㎡ LED 13-25W 25-38W 38-50W >50W Note: The Bedroom Light Requirements Soft, easy to create a warm atmosphere; there should be no harsh light, so that people more easily into sleep, so the light wattage requirements are low. Balcony section Acreage 3-5㎡ 5-10㎡ Fluorescent lamp 15-25W 25-50W LED 8-13W 13-25W Note: The Balcony area is relatively small, but also to meet the necessary space for a perfect home life, is a good weather when the rest of the place, so the appropriate lighting wattage to decorate it is necessary. The kitchen Acreage 3-5㎡ 5-10㎡ 10-15㎡ Fluorescent lamp 15-25W 25-50W 50-75W LED 8-13W 13-25W 25-38W Note: Because people in the kitchen will carry out a different length of work, cutting vegetables and other subtle action on the lighting requirements are higher. Both to ensure that the

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How To Select Industrial Lighting?

How To select Industrial Lighting 1. Illumination Industrial lighting should ensure the comfort and safety of workers under the condition of reaching a certain illuminance. Reasonable lighting makes the lighting level of the entire ground area and work surface balanced. The LED lamps produced by RECOLUX adopt a reasonable and scientific light distribution design, which has a wide range of illumination and uniform illumination; the optical fiber is soft and no glare, so as to ensure the safety of workers and efficient production.   2. Brightness The brightness of LED lights is the most concerned issue for users, and brightness can be explained from two aspects.Luminance L: the luminous flux per unit solid angle per unit area of the luminous body in a specific direction. Unit: Candela (cd/㎡).Luminous flux φ: the total amount of light emitted by the luminous body per second. Unit: Lumens (Lm), which indicates how much the luminous body emits. The more luminous the light, the greater the lumens.Usually LED lights are marked with luminous flux, and users can judge the brightness of LED lights based on the luminous flux. The higher the luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp. 3. Color temperature Color temperature

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12 unique advantages of LED lighting

Energy Conservation and sustainable development is no longer a selective issue, but it is the only way of world’s future development. Led as the representative of the new light source lighting to replace the traditional light source, it is causing a great change in lighting industry. Driven by innovative technology, the new lighting products are constantly being updated, from incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps to LED lamps. The lighting products have achieved energy-saving upgrades, and at the same time, they have also been improved in comfort, the lighting effect is also more diverse. As the representative of the Green energy-saving light source, LED lighting has become the most potential market in the industry. Compared with the more mature light source, what are the leading advantages of LED? The following is a brief introduction by the author. 12 unique advantages of LED lighting In 1923, the scientist O.W. Lossew discovered that the P-N junction of silicon carbide had unidirectional conductivity and luminescence; around 1955, R. J. Haynes presented a study on P-N junction of semiconductor germanium, G. A. Wolff studied the luminescence of Gallium Phosphide; in 1968, the first red LED was produced by Monsanto and HP in the United States,

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Best chioce for T5/T8 tube of trunking light retrofit

EasyFit: pull, click, done Recolux EasyFit is the perfect solution for offices and warehouses that want to upgrade to LED lighting. EasyFit is, as the name suggests, very easy to assemble. Thereis a suitable model for all existing line lighting systems in the world. And that is precisely what makes our solution unique. The current infrastructure will remain intact and a high return is not a goal but a certainty. You still earn back the investment within the five-year warranty period. Not to mention the long lifespan of this LED module. You are in for the next 15 to 20 years! Without the need for a screwdriver. Also seen the light?   LED linear lighting systems are an efficient way of lighting for  warehouses andproduction locations  . This has been known for years and is often used to provide  warehouses  and production halls with lighting. The time saving in particular is a major advantage for the use of these support profiles. In addition, these lineshave a very long  lifespan. One of the most important features for  choosing line lighting  is the quick installation. In order to continue to benefit from this advantage, RECOLUX has developed LED modules that fit perfectly within these existing line lighting systems.   The existing lines are perfectly usable for mounting LED fixtures. For example, with LED line lighting you can enjoy enormous

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How To Choose A Suitable LED Light For Your Manufacturer, Supermarket, Garage and Parking, Office, Exhibition and Showroom, Warehouse?

God said, “Let there be light, and there was light”. But those were the times of the Bible. Today, the world is fast-paced, and there is nothing that technology and science cannot provide us with. Rewind a few years, and people in the world were celebrating the discovery of LED lights. Rest is history, how gradually a transition took place from CFL and halogen lamps to the omnipresent LEDs. LED Lights Application LED lights are popular all around the world for a multitude of perks. Irrespective of the location or industry, you cannot make do without lights, rather LED lights. LED accessories are so useful that in a business world that requires haste, you can work at the speed of light. You can buy LED lights of different shapes, sizes, and conformations, to match the area you want to illuminate. You can use LED lights in your office, shopping complex, parking area or garage, showroom, warehouse, etc. How To Choose LED Lights? Light industry experts have underlined the manufacture and usage of LED lights among consumers as a major reason why this industry has grown over the years. There are a variety of options to choose LED lights when you

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What kinds of LED light use with Track Rail on the market?

Now there are many different kinds of LED light can use with Track Rail, below are some hot using LED track light on the market. 1. LED Spot Light, the lighting space is small, most use for lighting Jewelry, cloth, fruit, drawing and something need spotlight. 2. LED Linear Track Light, it is short line lighting, most use for the product which in a line. 3. Magnetic Track Light, it connect with the track rail by magnetic. 4.  LED Track Line, the lighting space is big and long, it most use in supermarket, shopping mall, cloth shop… 5. Track Panel, the lighting space is wide and long, it most use in supermarket, shopping mall, cloth shop…

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