How To Choose A Suitable LED Light For Your Manufacturer, Supermarket, Garage and Parking, Office, Exhibition and Showroom, Warehouse?

God said, “Let there be light, and there was light”.


But those were the times of the Bible. Today, the world is fast-paced, and there is nothing that technology and science cannot provide us with.

Rewind a few years, and people in the world were celebrating the discovery of LED lights. Rest is history, how gradually a transition took place from CFL and halogen lamps to the omnipresent LEDs.


LED Lights Application


LED lights are popular all around the world for a multitude of perks. Irrespective of the location or industry, you cannot make do without lights, rather LED lights. LED accessories are so useful that in a business world that requires haste, you can work at the speed of light.


You can buy LED lights of different shapes, sizes, and conformations, to match the area you want to illuminate. You can use LED lights in your office, shopping complex, parking area or garage, showroom, warehouse, etc.


How To Choose LED Lights?


Light industry experts have underlined the manufacture and usage of LED lights among consumers as a major reason why this industry has grown over the years. There are a variety of options to choose LED lights when you are out there to purchase one. Whether you get the right size, the right fit, the right colour, the correct intensity, the power consumption – so many trivial yet unavoidable details to take care of before making the purchase.


The need for LED bulbs differs from one buyer to another. LED lights are the primary preference for all businesses. LED lighting solutions make sure that there is a fixture for the right light. Most LED lights are compatible with the power rating of 230V – 50Hz on the mains supply. Ensuring the proper power rating is essential so that power fluctuation does not damage the light. This key point is often overlooked by amateur buyers who end up ordering fixtures with the wrong power rating.

LED lights are available in various colour options that brighten up stores and retail shops. When your target space of lighting is a store, you need to select ceiling-mounted LED lights of white or warm white hue. These light shades brighten up the decor of the room and attract the eyes of their customers, and set off their shopping intention. An appealing illumination is by far, the greatest charm that makes a store, and its interior, look more desirable to venture.

According to experts, LEDs are the most convenient option for people when they want to illuminate a retail store or a showroom. Here are the top features to look for if you have a store or a warehouse and want to light up the place with LEDs.

Excellent illumination


LEDs provide better light than when compared to lighting solutions. The brightness and intensity of
an LED light outdo that of a CFL or incandescent bulb of similar power consumption.

If it is a showroom

where you want to use LED lights, experts would suggest the usage of an LED Track panel with a track rail. These come with a flexible track. The light is projected at various angles – 25, 30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees. LED track panels have a large number of LED bulbs mounted on a thick track.

We expect strong beams of light in a store or showroom where customers can clearly see the products kept in showcases. The hue is not limited to a single colour giving purchasers the option to choose the colour of light they want.

LED experts suggest that users should go for a flicker-free, adjustable LED track panel that can brightly light up a wide area such as a boutique.

How to choose a suitable LED light for Manufacturer, Supermarket,Garage and car parking, Office, Exhibition and showroom, Warehouse?

1.  Choose the LED light, There are many different kinds of LED light all on the market for manufacturer, below is some option for you, you can choose as your requirement and favorate.


LED high bay
It is suitable for hanging at high place.

LED track light(track panel and track line)

This is suitable for the supermarket which already have track rail,  just install it to the track rail, no need do any change.

Most supermarket have track rail,  LED track panel, LED track line can be directly install with track rail, and they have different angle(25, 30, 60, 120degree) to optional, it can meet customer’s different requirement.

LED Trunking system

It can connect one by one as your requirement, and have IP40 and IP65 optional, if you need the light in a line, this is a nice choice. Also if you need hanging light in piece, it is also a good choice, this light can be ended as your needs.

LED Tri-proof Light

It is very nice to use in some manufacturer and car washing which required IP65.

LED tube light

LED panel light

Most use in office, some manufaturer and supermarket also use it.

2. After choose the suitable LED light, we can confirm the below data.

     1) Color temperature

    There are 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K to optional, most industrial lighting use 5000K or 6000K, but        some place also require 3000K, 4000K, due to customer’s requirement.

     2) Power

    Which power we need or how many lamps we need for one project?

    First we need choose the lamp, then we need know how many lux do you need for working table or      ground? With this we can make a lighting design for you.


If you do not know how to choose the suitable LED light for your project, please contact us now!

More durable


When you want to buy lights for your garage or parking space, you have to keep two things in mind. Foremost, it should illuminate properly all the corners of your area. Secondly, it should be durable.

Since a garage or a parking space is a place where we not only station our cars but also keep heavy-duty machines or equipment which we do not use regularly. For such places, people look for LEDs manufactured from robust and strong epoxy resin cases that are not brittle.

Thinking about buying
LED lights that are durable and do not break easily? You should lay your hands on something like an LED tri-proof light with tubular bulbs. Renowned sellers sell such LED lamps, in end-open or tubular bulbs that are quickly and easily set up by installers of all ability levels.

The hard aluminum casing is what makes this extremely durable. It can easily absorb shocks of small impacts and does not damage the LED light inside. You can mount them on ceilings and hang them from a height. So if it is a parking space where the ceiling is high, LED tri-proof lights are what you need.




LED manufacturers make lights in so many symmetries that there is a right light to match the space you want to illuminate. LED lights take credit for magnifying the aesthetic appeal of a place. 

For homes and offices, people seek aesthetic indoor lighting. But dim lights are for bedside lamps.  People need LEDs so that it looks like day, even at night.

LED Batten lights with suspended fixtures and LED downlights can do wonders for your office. Flexible-wattage and a set of 12 lamps in a set help you to dim and brighten the space as you please.

For homes and offices, lights that mimic the daylight are ideal. LED Linear Trunking System and LED Batten lights are quick and easy solutions to such innovative lighting. When you purchase it, you don’t have to bother about installation. Advanced craftsmanship and superior manufacture guarantee that these light sets are mounted with packaged tools and no extra labour.

What else does a shopper look for when he or she gets so much convenience in one LED light?

Last, but not least, these LEDs emit light in cool and warm tones to suit the mood of the day and the people in the space. It keeps the people in the room focused on their work as long as the light is lit. Such lights are a perfect boost for workaholics.

Rate of Power Consumption

LEDs are synonymous with economic-energy consumption. In today’s world, when people are increasingly concerned about fuel and carbon footprint, LED lights from renowned brands keep
the environment green.

When you buy LED Universal Trunking Retrofit or a Linear track light, you save up your electricity bills manifold. After all, who does not like to see their electricity bills not showing astronomical figures?


Considering these advantages that LED light has, readers must have enlightened themselves to the
various buying factors they must keep in mind before heading out to buy LED lamps. 

Sooner or later, every household, office, marketplace, garage, and showrooms will replace conventional
lights with Light Emitting Diode lights. This buying guide will help readers make the right decision before they hit the BUY button.

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