How To Select Industrial Lighting?

How To select Industrial Lighting

1. Illumination

Industrial lighting should ensure the comfort and safety of workers under the condition of reaching a certain illuminance. Reasonable lighting makes the lighting level of the entire ground area and work surface balanced. The LED lamps produced by RECOLUX adopt a reasonable and scientific light distribution design, which has a wide range of illumination and uniform illumination; the optical fiber is soft and no glare, so as to ensure the safety of workers and efficient production.


2. Brightness

The brightness of LED lights is the most concerned issue for users, and brightness can be explained from two aspects.Luminance L: the luminous flux per unit solid angle per unit area of the luminous body in a specific direction. Unit: Candela (cd/㎡).Luminous flux φ: the total amount of light emitted by the luminous body per second. Unit: Lumens (Lm), which indicates how much the luminous body emits. The more luminous the light, the greater the lumens.Usually LED lights are marked with luminous flux, and users can judge the brightness of LED lights based on the luminous flux. The higher the luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

3. Color temperature

Color temperature is the unit of measurement to identify the color of the light, expressed by the K value. Yellow light is “below 3300k”, white light is “above 5300k”, and there is another intermediate color “3300k-5300k”.Of course, users can choose a suitable color temperature according to the lighting application environment and the needs of the operators. The optional range of temperature is 3000K-6000K.

4. Leakage current

LED is a unidirectional conductive luminous body. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. LEDs with large leakage current have a short life. The LED level leakage current produced by RECOLUX is controlled within 0.3A.

5. Antistatic ability

LEDs with strong antistatic ability have a long life and are therefore expensive. Many counterfeit and inferior products on the market do not do well in this item. This is also the fundamental reason for the expected shortened life expectancy of many years.The insulation grade of LED lamps produced by RECOLUX is with good antistatic ability. It protects the lamp due to the damage caused by static electricity, which leads to the shortening of the life of the lamp light source.

6. Life

The key to different qualities is life, and life is determined by light decay.With low light decay and long life, real-quality LED lights have almost no light decay. This is the top level in the industry, and most LED lamp manufacturers in the industry cannot reach it.The LED lamps produced by RECOLUX will go through the quality inspection of the quality inspection department! After inspection, some of our products can achieve 3,000 hours of zero light decay, and 30,000 hours of light decay is only 1%-3%; while ordinary LEDs on the market The luminous attenuation of the lamp 3000 hours is more than 20%.

7. Protection level

IP is the abbreviation of Ingress and Protection. The IP level is the protection level against the intrusion of foreign objects in the enclosure of electrical equipment, such as explosion-proof electrical appliances, waterproof and dustproof electrical appliances. The source is the standard IEC60529 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.The protection level is usually expressed by two numbers followed by IP, and the numbers are used to clarify the protection level.The first number indicates the scope of the device’s resistance to dust, or the degree to which people are protected from hazards in a sealed environment. Represents the level of preventing solid foreign objects from entering, the highest level is 6;The second number indicates how waterproof the device is. Represents the level of preventing water ingress, the highest level is 

8.Dust protection 

class IPXX (the first X indicates)

0: no protection

1: Prevent the intrusion of large solids

2: Prevent the intrusion of medium-sized solids

3: Prevent small solids from entering and intruding

4: Prevent the entry of solid objects larger than 1mm

5: Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust

6: completely prevent dust from entering

Waterproof grade IPXX (the second X indicates)

0: no protection

1: Water droplets into the shell have no effect

2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water droplets into the shell have no effect

3: Water or rain has no influence from the 60 degree corner to the shell

4: The liquid splashed into the shell from any direction has no harmful effect

5: Rinse with water without any harm

6: Can be used in the cabin environment

7: Resistance to water immersion in a short time (1m)

8: Long time immersion in water under certain pressure

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