B-Noble Line

Smart Tubular can be quickly and easily set up by installers of all ability levels, and easy to connector one by one.

TUBAR Tri-proof light is an optimal solution for areas with harsh enviormental conditions. 


Replacement for T8 Fluoresent

Power switchable

CCT adjustbale

Up to 180LM/W

Tridonic/Osram driver

The TUBAR is more than just a moisture-proof luminaire. It meets the same product requirements in terms of tightness and durability. TUBAR can also be used as a lighting element to design a space. Thanks to through-wiring and practical connection space. This fixture allow for fast and flexible connection on site, can be fixed to the ceiling or wall, or even suspended in the building. TUBAR is a true design feature. The light emitting surface can be rotated and fixed even after installation on the mounting elements.a

1:  1,200mm 30W , 1,500mm 40W , 600mm, 20W

2:  150LM/W ,CRI>80 ,PF>0.95,

3:  THD<20% ,Flick<5%

4:  IP65 ,IK08 ,

5:  CCT switch ,

6:  Three phase terminal, 360degree rotatable, 

7:  1.5mm 2 wires inside, linkable options ,

8:  Warranty: 5 years 

9.  Certification:  D-mark,CE ,ROHS in the beginning .(ENEC approach)



Warehouse, Factories, Car Parks, Supermarkets, Stations, Office…


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