Clickfast Universal Trunking Retrofit Solution

It is universal trunking retrofit which can use with most of traditional T5/T8 system.

It easy to replace.

Universal Clickfast LED Trunking Retrofit Solution

Universal Clickfast LED Trunking Retrofit Solution is the most convinent and economy solution for T5/T8 fluorescent( lichtbandsystem) fixture replacement.

Design Concept:

1938 ,George Inman invented the world 1st. traditional fluorescent lamp In GE . 

In this 80 more years application period , The Lamp was widely used in factory ,warehouse,supermarket etc.

But  as the  pollution ,and not energy saving ,new led  lamp have  played an important role in marketing  in 21th century .

As to  promote the new Tech . and  energy saving driving factor  ,EU have issued  the  banningfor sales traditional   incandescent lamps gradually .

In this period , many big companines found the market and developed their own trunking system .

In  1948 , Trilux Group developed their own Trunking rails for traditional T5/T8 tube .

In  1949  , ORSAM also produced the  system .

In  1950 ,  Philips also come out.

In  1952 , Germany company Regiolux deigned their own   system.

In 1957 ,  RIDI Group aslo entered in the competition .

In 1960 ,  Ludwing  company in Germany designed the system

In 1967 ,  Austria Group Zumtobel designed   the  system.

In 1975 , another company Veko   designed  the   system In Netherland .

In 1987 ,  Germany company brand Fluolite designed   the    system in 1987 .

At present ,many factories  etc application  ,considering the energy saving   ,the fluorescent were replaced by led tube
directly .but it aslo created some problems with below :

1.Now mostly led tube could  work with CCG/KVG ballast ,but could not work with all  ECG/EVG ballast  .

EVG= Elektronisches Vorschaltgerät  gear/KVG=Konventionelles Vorschaltgerät  gear

2. Could not widely used in all application ,At same time only one beam angle with 120degree .

3.Lux , When install 6-8meters  ,the led tube could not meet the lux require obviously .

4.  Low Energy Saving,  Flicker Driver . No good solutions of compatible led tubes.

SO ……  Our
design come  out .  Crazy ideas…

Why  not
develop  a replacement retrofits model which can be installed directly   ,and keep the old trunking rail retained  ,  no re-wiring  to meet different complex applications  .  It will be a  very Huge and potential market.

During the past years experiences , these Brand Systems are very popular in Europe :

Now Recolux Clickfast Universal Trunking System can replace all the old version traditional T5/T8 tube fixture, no need do any Fire and circuit change.

Product Features:

1. 150LM/W

2. Less than 44 seconds installation

3. Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°,/25°, left 25°, right 25°, and 120°(60°, 90° most for industry)

4. ENEC 1-10V or Tridonic or Osram driver

5. Flick free  

6. 5years warranty

Available to retrofit below models:

Regiolux SDT ,  Regiolux SPT /SMT , Regiolux ST,  LUDWIG  TR50W , Kandem SV70, SV75, ClickLUX Tragschiene Litec RZB Planos , Norton NSL/ Fluolite TRX T8 , 

Norton NSL T5, VEKO NEW  PNR , VEKO Old PNR , Siteco DUS , Zumtobel NEW ZX2 & ZX1 , Zumtobel old ZX2 & ZX1, Zumtobel TECTON , Philips /AEG 

Maxos TL-D T8 , Philips /AEG  Maxos TL5 T5 , Philips TTX400 TL-D T8 , Philips TTX400 TL5 T5 , Philips TTX200 , AEG Gealux-TS XX.

If any trunking not in the list, please contact with me for the solution, we are professional in such project.

clickfast LED trunking retrofit

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