Reasons to Purchase LED Linear Trunking System

Reasons to Purchase LED Linear Trunking System

LED linear trunking system is also known as the continuous-row lighting system. It is pre-wired trunking and LED track panel that offers ultimate flexibility in terms of lighting layout and scheme design. It is a perfect replacement for traditional linear and fluorescent tubes providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task for businesses, from LED track lines to emergency lighting.

It is also an optimal solution for new installations as it has low installation cost as well as saves time when updating lighting systems. In addition to this, you enjoy full freedom to position the lights as per your objectives or layout. LED linear trunking system offers numerous benefits and purchasing them for your commercial space interior lighting is cost-effective. 

The Lighting Complexity In Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are often big and have complex infrastructure that lay more emphasis on system integration and planning. Lighting plan for these spaces is not aimed at just meeting quantity, quality, and operational criteria. It affects the ambiance, psychological well-being, interest, and enthusiasm of the employees and the customers. Also, the commercial interior spaces are more in harmony to the control capabilities of the lighting devices and overall life-cycle prices. This means commercial spaces need to be equipped with continuous-row lighting systems to address luminance standards and energy cost. 

Here are a few reasons to purchase an LED linear trunking system.

Redefined Commercial Lighting

LED linear trunking systems are good alternatives to traditional lighting systems as they are energy-efficient and low on maintenance. These systems are precisely designed for open spaces in your commercial property. LED trunking system helps overcome many of the shortcomings linked with fluorescent lighting due to its considerably improved controllability, sturdiness, energy conversion efficacy, reliability, and prolonged lifespan. When it comes to the benefits of these systems, their design flexibility, ease of installation, performance, and digital control are unmatchable with traditional lighting systems.

Unparalleled Lighting Performance

LED linear trunking system offers a stylish look with ultimate linear consistency. The seamless design of the system allows interconnecting the linear LED to LED track line of any preferred length without break. Thus creating a sleek and streamlined continuous lighting for industrial and commercial spaces. The supreme combination of industrial design and LED lighting performance is highly sought-after by facility managers and lighting experts.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights have high lumen output/watt as they are capable of turning 70% of the energy into light. Thus making LED linear trunking systems more energy-efficient than fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, thus resulting in considerable cost savings. LEDs also aim light in a particular direction, unlike conventional bulbs that give out light and heat in all directions. This directional lighting ability of LED track panel reduces wastage of light and energy and is a great option for spaces where lights are on for extended periods.    

Versatile Photometric Distribution

LED linear trunking system has a snap-on mechanism that makes it easy to create various light distribution patterns with accuracy. The narrow LED track panel is suited well for illuminating aisles and high racks in supermarkets and warehouses. It also has asymmetric and symmetric light distribution design. Asymmetric is suitable to provide vertical luminance for racks and shelves while symmetric is suitable for shelf surfaces and highlighting the goods on display. In addition to this, LED linear trunking systems come with numerous optical systems that produce direct light for tasks and indirect lighting for balance and visual comfort creating a better working environment in your warehouse or supermarket. 

Robust Functional Scalability 

Trunking rails are available in standard form with 5, 7, 9, or 11-core for basic lighting and dimming control offering functional scalability. The emergency lighting circuits of the system are prewired to deliver an adequate level of brightness in case of a power cut. It can also be custom designed for intricate applications like integration of motion and daylight sensors, and other intelligent modules. This means that the LED trunking system comes equipped with everything to meet all your needs.

Large Scale Positioning 

LED linear trunking lighting system has rail connectors that help with continuous row electrical and mechanical connections, expanding the system’s application range. The system comes with a pre-assembled plug and plays rail connectors which allow adaptable design flexibility and lighting stability for large-scale illumination needs. The flexibility of trunking system configuration offers unlimited scalability and when you need to expand your space, you do not need to invest in more lighting. 

No UV or IR Emissions

The visible light emitted by incandescent light bulb is less than 10 percent while the rest is transformed into infrared (IR) heat. High amount of heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV) is hazardous for people and materials as it has a burning effect. LEDs emit the huge amount of light in the visible spectrum and none in the UV portion. Moreover, with quick improvements in LED lighting technologies, the LED lights are now cost effective and more reliable. However, this does not mean that LEDs are the true choice for all applications, the selection should be made based on a combination of factors, including light distribution, energy efficiency, dimmability, and lifespan. 

Widely Using Area

There are two versions of LED trunking systems: IP40 and IP54 waterproof.  IP40 LED Linear Trunking System is suitable to use in office, shop, retail store, or any indoor place. IP54 LED Linear Trunking System is suitable for use in places which are prone to moisture like the car washing room and other industries which have special requirement for the protection of luminaire.

Environmentally Friendly 

Unlike the energy-saving CFLs, you have been using for years in your commercial spaces, LED linear lights do not contain environmentally harmful Mercury vapor. Eco-friendly LEDs are also manufactured using 100% recyclable materials, so they will not end their lives in landfill sites as traditional, non-recyclable bulbs always do. So, using LED linear lights for your commercial interior lighting is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint. 

Modular Installation

Linear trunking systems offer tool-free assembly as they come with pre-built components and modules. The pre-wired trunking rails can be suspended with corresponding mounting hardware like rods, chains, or cords, or surface-mounted and recessed. The lighting system offers impressive simplicity of installation that considerably minimizes upfront installation costs while improving productivity and making future upgrade an easy job.

Apart from this, LED trunking linear lighting systems are better than LED panel lights due to their lighting control ability. You can create the desired mood and ambiance by dimming or brightening the light using the dimmer. Also LED lights do not require to heat up to illuminate. The moment you turn the switch on, you get instant lighting without any flickering. These are two key features that differentiate LED linear trunking systems from other LED lighting fixtures.


These are a few reasons to purchase an LED linear trunking system. They are now becoming the foremost choice of facility operators, commercial property developers, and lighting experts. If you are looking for more information on LED linear trunking systems or LED line or panel, or are considering an LED lighting system for your commercial or industrial interior lighting, then please reach out to Recolux. We manufacture and distribute high-quality and customized LED lights for commercial and residential purposes fulfilling your requirements and high standards. We have rich EU local lamp application experience and succesfulled work with Dailmer, Opel factory. Welcome contact us to make your own lighting design.

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